Advantages of our Work

Our concept is a totally innovative line, saving operating costs and puts us below the market in terms of prices is concerned. PITUKASA has decided to offer a new lifestyle to those most needy getting simplicity, practicality and beauty in their models prefabricated.

By our universal parts that make up our homes, it makes the simplicity of our factory creating high speed in our production and being above all quality and functionality, creating underinvestment strong production capacity very high which makes our prices are below the market for a long.

In pitukasa design and manufacture houses with new building systems based on modular structures for a new model of eco-efficient building accessible from the economic point of view and in the shortest possible time.

In Pitukasa we have developed based on the fulfillment of criteria within the concept of development and sustainability parameters.

Eco-efficiency criteria that applies Pitukasa of three basic points:

  • Energy saving
  • Clean install
  • Technology for Ecoefficiency